HHITA places at Electrorally Race


Hays High Industrial Technology Association went to Scott City to compete in an Electrorally race on April 23. They placed first in experimental division and second in standard division.

An Electrorally race is where the HHITA students race the cars that they have made in either standard, experimental or solar division.

“Students have been working on the vehicles the entire school year,” HHITA sponsor Chris Dinkel said, “Cars are continually being designed, reengineered rebuilt and tested to be more competitive.”

Dinkel said that the cars race for one hour and teams aim to travel the farthest distance within said hour. According to him, the hard work is always worth it and the HHITA program is an experience that can help in several different areas.

“Work is always worth it,” Dinkel said. “The experience of designing, engineering and constructing a project such as electric cars cannot be simulated in the traditional classroom.  Math, science and physics are somewhat limited by the classroom environment. At some point, the concepts taught in the classroom must be practiced and realized through product development and prototyping.  That’s’ where the math, science, physics and technology are tested to either be confirmed or denied.  The electric a car program is the field tested prototype.”