Community college a worthy choice


As we get older, we have to make many important decisions about our futures. We have so many options, but often, people think they will only be successful in life if they choose to attend a public four-year university.
Of course this is not the only way to succeed. People may choose to serve in the armed forces which is a very worthy choice, and others may choose to get their start at community or technical colleges. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing these. In fact, they can be a smarter choice for people on many levels.
While big universities may have more options for classes, smaller colleges typically have a good variety of classes and quality education for a price much less drastic than larger colleges. Because of this, many choose to get their gen-eds done at community college before going elsewhere to finish school.
Community college can also provide a way for out-of-state students to gain residency so that later on they may go to larger schools.
Elitists tend to immediately see community college as something pathetic and not capable of providing decent education, but this is not the truth. There is nothing wrong with going to these schools.
Some very successful people have graduated from community colleges. Tom Hanks, Sarah Palin, Queen Latifah, Walt Disney and George Lucas are just a few examples.
Do not judge people for starting small or even graduating from community or technical colleges because for many it is a smart option that will help them to lead happy, successful life.