Let men be feminine

Anyone who expresses femininity, regardless of gender or sexuality is likely to be shamed for it. However, when a boy possesses feminine interests or attributes, things could get brutal.

Gendered marketing exemplifies the fear people in our society have of being feminine. Though it is simply a technique companies use to make a larger profit, it tells a lot about our society. They can take pretty much anything that is inherently feminine or simply neutral and generate a masculine version of it. For example, Banana Boat has come out with a line of sunscreen that comes in black tubes and is labelled: for men.

So, why this fear of femininity? Since the beginning, masculinity has been seen as something greater than, or more useful than femininity, and even though most people see this as untrue today, we still have issues.

Girls who express masculinity aren’t likely to be shamed for it. In fact, it’s fairly normal for females to act at least somewhat masculine. Girls have been wearing pants for quite a while now, but boys still can’t wear skirts without being harassed? Statistics show that it is far more likely for crossdressing men to be assaulted or murdered than it is for crossdressing women.

In order for violence towards feminine boys to cease, we as a society must somehow shake the idea that femme is frail, that clothing is gendered, that makeup is only for girls and that sensitivity is weakness, and learn to be open-minded about people who don’t always fit their gender’s harsh stereotypes.

Transmen can be feminine, gender non-conforming people can be feminine, cis men can be feminine, literally anyone can be feminine and that is okay.

So let boys wear dresses. Let boys wear makeup and be sensitive. It doesn’t make them any less of a person, in fact, it is an act of bravery to be able to stand out in a society that rejects things like this.

People should not be ashamed to express femininity because it is just as important and just as strong as masculinity.