Accept people despite religion

Everyone has their own unique beliefs on different topics, whether it be religious or secular. But we are all flawed, we all have imperfections, so why should we be judging others’ beliefs and trying to bring them down?

If you are atheist, why spend so much time and effort into trashing religions and trying to prove them wrong? If you’re religious, why try to put such harsh judgments on people who aren’t of your faith or are atheist? It’s a waste of time.

Stick to your own personal beliefs and ways of life, but don’t tell other people they are wrong for believing something else.

Everyone is unique and each and every person has the right to believe whatever they want to. In order to have harmony, we should all be trying a little harder to love people despite their faiths and not focus on that part of their life if it offends us.

Flaunting our religions is almost as bad criticizing other faiths. No matter how much we believe that we are correct, sharing our opinions and testimonies should be done subtly, without saying something like, “My religion is super cool and it’s the full-on truth.” By doing this we can offend others.

We need to realize that bringing each other down is not getting us anywhere. Not accepting each other for our differences is just destroying us at both a worldwide level with countries fighting, and at a smaller level with us judging each other just because we have different opinions and beliefs.

The only way for us to live in harmony with each other is to realize that no two people are exactly the same and accepting that everyone has quirks.

People aren’t going to automatically change, there will always those trying to boost their egos by mocking people for what they believe. But we can try harder to love one another despite flaws and opposing opinions. We can try not to take offense at what others have to say about what we believe in.

Stand up for what you believe and be proud of it, but just don’t let your pride go too far.  Offending others for their personal decisions is something that harms both the victim and the one doing the offending.