Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat food drive set for Tuesday


Rebekah Porter

Anyone not wanting to be disturbed but still wanting to donate can leave food out on their front doorstep for volunteers to collect.

This October several people will receive a can of food when they go trick or treating, and they will be happy about it.

On Oct. 9, various groups including, DECA and StuCo, are going around Hays and asking for non-perishable food items for the Community Assistance Center.

If people do not want to be bothered they can leave food out on their doorstep for the volunteers.

Senior Josh Norris said that this is his second year helping with the food drive. He said he likes knowing that he is helping out in the community.

“It is a lot of fun and we could use as many volunteers as possible,” Norris said.

Trick-or-Treat so others can eat was started back in 1986 by a Hays High DECA student and HHS DECA has been involved ever since.

“It’s an awesome opportunity,” business instructor Shaina Prough said. “It’s an easy way to donate, if everybody in the community would just give one item we would meet our 20,000+ goal. There’s a huge need. There’s a lot of people in our community that are working, that are trying to do the right things, but things happen.”