New German restaurant changes location, expands menu


Allison Hillebrand

German restaurant, Das Essen Hütte that began as a seasonal event has permanently moved to 110 W. 11th.

As students become old enough to start looking for jobs, they tend to turn towards the classic fast food restaurants in town.

However, a new German restaurant in town may be able to offer these students a different opportunity.

Das Essen Hütte is a family-run business, originally opened at Big Creek Crossing, but has recently transferred to 110 W. 11th.

The owners of the restaurant, Charlie and Roxane Dorzweiler, opened their doors on April 3, after months of renovation.

“It was just a Christmas thing, something for the holidays,” Roxane said. “Then, we decided to go bigger. We needed a bigger kitchen and dining room.”

The restaurant has begun selling steaks and barbeque, as well as the traditional German cuisine.

“We mainly hire family, but we also have two outside employees,” Roxane said. “We have been doing very well and are very busy.”