Online platforms offer students opportunities to read and write


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Wattpad is one of several sites that offer people the chance to publish their own stories and discover new writers.

With the advances in technology, students now have the opportunity to write and read original stories on online platforms instead of being limited to the classic book.

Writers from all over the world can write and share their stories with a large audience. Websites like Wattpad and Quotev are popular sites for writers while Webtoons has more of a graphic novel feel. Writers on Webtoons draw out the story like a comic book.

Junior Rebecca Anderson has been reading stories on Webtoons for two years and is planning to post her own stories soon.

“I love the art styles involved that you can’t get in a book,” Anderson said.  

Junior Taysia McCoy has been posting her stories for about eight months on Wattpad and Tumblr.

“More people use Tumblr and I tend to get more responses,” McCoy said.  

McCoy said that she likes to read reader inserts, stories where you become one of the characters, and become part of the story so she doesn’t lose interest as she might with a book.

Senior Ivy Walker said she prefers reading online stories because she can just take her phone with her and access them whenever she wants and doesn’t have to carry a book around with her.

“You can find awesome original content from great artists and other writers on topics you enjoy,” McCoy said. “You can meet great people who share the same interests as you. It’s also a great way to keep up with news about stuff you like. It’s a great way of spending your free-time. You can make your very own fan-base if you’re an artist.”