DECA concludes Miracle Minutes at Bob Kuhn tournament


Isabelle Braun

Juniors in DECA helped to collect money from the audience during the Miracle Minute at a basketball game.

To conclude their Miracle Minutes fundraisers, DECA students Isabelle Braun, Kallie Leiker and Brianna Forinash are asking people to donate spare change at the Bob Kuhn wrestling tournament.

“The goal for this Miracle Minute is to collect around $300 in spare change,” Leiker said.

Leiker said they have raised about $60,000 total throughout their entire project.

From the Miracle Minutes, Braun estimates they have raised over $500.

“I think we could have had more events,” Braun said. “We probably could have gotten more people in our chapter involved.”

Leiker said there were a few factors she would have changed, but she thought the overall project has been very successful.

This is the last Miracle Minute for the year, Braun said.

“We are planning on continuing the Miracle Minutes next year,” Braun said. “We hope to do more.”