Quartet prepares for concert


The quartet begins practice for their upcoming concert.

The Hays High Quartet is playing at the National Honors Society Ceremony at the Robbins Center on FHSU Campus on Nov. 7 at 7:20 p.m.

Junior Alexandria Hagerman, freshman Tom Drabkin, senior Brandon Hoffman, and junior Carl Rorstrom are all participating in this quartet.

“Normally it is Trinity Callis instead of Tom,” Hagerman said. “She is unavailable for this event.”

Hagerman said that the traditional quartet has been around for many years.

Hagerman and Drabkin are playing the violin at this ceremony. Hoffman is playing the viola and Rorstrom is playing the cello.

The quartet is playing two pieces at this concert, Hagerman said.

“The Hays High Quartet is a quartet that plays at different events, when someone wants us to play for them,” Hagerman said.