Finals can require much preparation


It’s that time of the year again: finals week. For many students this means excessive stress, lack of sleep and obsessive grade-checking.

Finals week can be full of stress, but hard work tends to pay off. Some students have a solution to studying for their finals while others do not.

“Some classes have a study guide and some don’t,” freshman Ivy Walker said. “So I either read from the book or do the questions.”

Others just don’t care about the tests and choose not to study.

“I don’t study,” senior Brandon Hardwick said.

Those who truly do care about their final grades will sometimes not only study, but will organize their schedule so they can physically feel well enough when they take their tests.

“The first thing you should do is get a lot of rest,” junior Nathaniel Stewart said. “Eat a good breakfast, and before you take the tests, make a list of the ones you have to study for. Go through the list and when you’ve studied for all of them, go through it again the next day.”