“The Visit” movie review

M. Night Shyamalan’s newest film, “The Visit,” is a found footage horror/comedy about two adolescents who take a week vacation to their grandparents’ house. Becca and Tyler have never met their grandparents because of their mom’s dispute with her parents several years ago.

Becca is hoping to create a documentary where her grandparents apologize and forgive her mother for whatever happened in the past.  Her brother Tyler, a self-proclaimed rap artist, helps her create the documentary. The kids try desperately to make the best of this strange trip, but some very disturbing things start happening.

Their grandparents begin acting weirder and weirder, leaving their diapers in the shed, running around the house naked and scratching on doors. Becca and Tyler get really scared, but continue to make their documentary, going forward with curiosity which leads them to unfolding the mysteries of their creepy grandparents.

This movie contains a moderate level of creepiness, but isn’t very scary at all. There were only a few jump scares, however the “use loud music to build suspense” cliché was used quite often. There wasn’t anything incredibly special about this movie, however it was pretty unique in the sense that someone was finally able to pull off a found footage film that wasn’t difficult to watch.

This could arguably be Shyamalan’s best film since “the Sixth Sense.” It went at a steady pace, the acting was decent and it even sent across a positive and powerful message of not holding onto anger.

While the movie had its flaws, it wasn’t as huge of a disappointment as most PG-13 horror flicks that come to theaters are. I give it a six point five out of ten.