Clueless Movie Review

Cher, the main character of the classic 90’s romantic comedy Clueless, starts out a completely ditzy spoiled rotten Californian teenager. With her extremely wealthy lawyer of a father, Cher has the money and the means to do almost whatever she chooses, which usually happens to be going to the mall.

Cher knows that she’s popular and that tons of boys would kill to be her boyfriend, but she ignores their attention and delights in the fact that other girls are jealous of the way she looks.

In order to maintain her status as a perfect daddy’s girl, Cher goes to extremes to raise her grades, make over frumpy girls and not settle for “disgusting high school boys.” But some problems arise when not everything turns out the way she intends.

Cher faces many new challenges and starts to come to some life-altering realizations about how clueless she’s been, who she should be caring about and what she should be doing to make herself a better person.

This fictional exploit of a rich Beverly Hills teenager was probably over exaggerated and unrealistic, but that is why I found humor in it. Even though the majority of the characters were dumb, they were also quite witty and funny.

I really enjoyed seeing Cher’s progression from being super airheaded to being full of good intentions, from completely oblivious to realizing the deeper meanings of things.

The music was alright, definitely not my favorite, but not the worst music they could have chosen. The costuming was hilarious. It was adorable in a way, but wonky and sort of mismatched.

I thought that this movie was the perfect blend of quirky, funny and cute. Yes, although I cannot relate to this movie very well, I thought it was sweet and fun to watch. I give it an eight out of ten.