Ten tips for incoming freshmen

1.Pay attention on the first couple of days.


Whether it be leadership team members or teachers telling you what to expect, listen to them. The first few days are typically boring because teachers will be talking about rules and handing out syllabuses, but if you don’t pay attention, you could end up getting called out for not having your papers signed, or later on, for chewing gum in the wrong class.

2. Buy a lot of pencils.


It is seriously important to have several pencils on hand at all times because it is very annoying to not have one, but it is much worse to have to borrow one.

3. Try to shake the habit of keeping things in your locker.


While using your locker can be really helpful, it can also be hard to keep up with between classes. Unless it’s for your coat or lunch box, ditch the locker.

4. Join at least one club/sport.


High school is all about finding yourself and expanding your interests. By joining new clubs or playing sports, you will make new friends, and be able to better figure out what you like or dislike. Organizations will help you survive high school.

5. High school isn’t like it is in the movies.


Forget everything you’ve seen. This is not a Molly Ringwald film, this is real life and if you’re expecting high school to be as fantastic as what you’ve seen in movies, think again.

6. This isn’t middle school.


You will have more homework in high school, and much more responsibility. Plus now, all your grades really matter because they will be used when you apply for colleges. Also, drama is still frequent in high school, but not as intense as it was in middle school. Try to act a bit more mature, and respectful.

7. Have fun!


High school is a great time to have fun with your friends. Don’t do anything you know will mess up your life, but seriously, live in the moment and make memories.

8. Don’t mess with seniority.


Sophomores, juniors and seniors are probably going to give you a hard time about being a freshie. Just try to ignore it because fighting it won’t get you anywhere. Unless upperclassmen are being really, really mean to you, don’t mess with them.

9. Be patient.


Everything will eventually fall into place. School won’t be a big deal after a while and, if you work at it, your grades will become better and before you know it, high school will be over.

10. Do your very, very best.


Get good grades, stay in school, make smart choices, study, turn in your homework, be nice to everyone, go above and beyond and exceed expectations.