National Honor Society starts its annual Holiday Help Project


Nikka Vuong

Seniors Gracie Wente and Lauryn Miller pick out what groceries they would like to buy.

The Hays High School June Reynolds Chapter of National Honor Society held an informational meeting to members about the annual Holiday Help Project during PRIDE Time on Friday, Nov. 19.

Both sponsors Kayla Brown and Cheryl Shepherd-Adams talked about what was to come relating to the project.

By Friday, Dec. 3, members should have all groceries purchased for the 10 families dropped off in Room 124

Throughout December, members may pass during GPS into Room 511 to help with organizing and sorting the items.

On Saturday, Dec. 11, NHS will meet at Walmart to start shopping for the families, and on Sunday, Dec. 12, members will wrap all the gifts purchased for the individual family members.

On Thursday, Dec. 16, some members will be collecting donations from Hays High Winter Concert.

“It’s always great to see students work together to serve their fellow students and their families for the holidays,” Brown said. “Even though it’s a lot of work, NHS members always work hard, which makes the workload light for everyone.”