Library holds art contest


Emry Lundy

Submissions for the library’s art contest are displayed in the hallway waiting to be judged.

In honor of November being Family Literacy Month, library secretary Erin Holder has created an artistic contest open until Tuesday, Nov. 23 to encourage students to become more involved with the library.

“At the high school level, there’s really not much incentive to read,” Holder said. “A lot of times with those mentalities that come in, I can direct them more towards the graphic novels.”

Holder has taken that idea of art and graphic novels and paired it with an activity for students. To enter the “Inspire Creativity” competition, students are instructed to create a masterpiece either on a sticky note provided by Holder or as pixel art at Students may enter as many times as they want.

Creations entered will then be judged at the end of November by students. The top 10 participants will earn prizes, with first prize being larger than the rest.

“A lot of prizes are just donations of free food from the community,” Holder said. “A lot of businesses are really supportive and donate.”

Winners will get various gift cards for locations around town.

“We have free Blizzards, we have free Jimmy John’s sandwiches, we have $5 gift cards to many different places,” Holder said. “If you find interest in this, come down and get a few sticky notes from me.”