Leadership Team holds informational meeting with freshmen during PRIDE Time


Morgan Engel

Leadership Team directs freshmen to their academies before splitting up for discussion during PRIDE Time on Sept. 9.

On Thursday, Sept. 9 during PRIDE Time, Leadership Team members met with freshman students.
Freshmen were split into groups and spread out among Gym A, the Multi-Purpose Room and the Lecture Hall.
“I learned a lot about how many credits we need before we graduate,” freshman Katelynn Redding-Boyer said.
Leadership Team members discussed the importance of PowerSchool, Canvas, communicating with teachers, attendance, credits, grades and getting involved.
“When I was a freshman, I learned [about] how important grades really were, cumulative GPA [Grade Point Average] and what classes I should take,” junior Seth Tripp said. “I also learned that I should be involved as much as I can to make my high school years worth it.”
Prior to the meeting with freshmen, Leadership Team had training on Tuesday, Sept. 7.
“Leadership Team has helped me a lot with my public speaking and confidence,” senior Samantha Vesper said. “It is also helpful to go over all of the basic information that the freshmen need to know because it’s a good reminder for me.”
During training, counselors Troy Dale, Amy Miller and Suellyn Stenger went over the topics to discuss with the freshmen.
“So far, I’ve learned leadership skills in general,” Tripp said. “Leading people and giving them tips on things I’ve learned, and it’s given me the opportunity to give freshmen heads-up on things, so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.”
Leadership Team was also in charge of the freshmen and new student orientation that took place on Aug. 5.
“I personally feel like our meeting went really well,” Vesper said. “My group was very engaged and asked questions. I feel like we helped them get a little more comfortable with high school.”
Leadership Team is scheduled to have their next activity with the freshman Oct. 6 during PRIDE Time.