Leadership Team hosts eighth grade visit


Paige Polifka-Denson

Leadership Team accompanied eighth graders throughout their visit to Hays High. The incoming freshmen had the opportunity to tour the school, meet sponsors from several activities and organizations, and begin pre-enrollment.

The Leadership Team hosted the eighth grade visit on March 9 to give the incoming freshmen an idea of what high school will be like.

Seniors and juniors on the team broke into groups to provide the eighth graders with tours of the school, a pre-enrollment session and an opportunity to meet with nearly all of the clubs and organizations at Hays High.

Not only did the visitors have the chance at these sessions, they also were able to experience what high school lunches are.

Students and counselors alike believe the eighth grade visit is one of the most important Leadership Team activities of the year.

“The eighth grade visit is beneficial because it coincides with pre-enrollment and selection of courses,” counselor Troy Dale said. “The visit helps them get an idea of what they would like to take and where they are in the building through our tour and pre-enrollment session.”

Additionally, Dale said, students had that opportunity of exploring activities offered in the open house session.

“I think the even was very positive and informational to students, but also for parents at the parent meeting that evening,” Dale said.

Dale said the Leadership Team did an outstanding job with the event.

“I heard so many great comments, examples and explanations come from the leaders helping students through all of the sessions today,” Dale said. “It’s one thing coming from a teacher or an adult, but if the information is coming from an older peer, it can be even more impactful and helpful as students make decisions based on their transition from middle school to high school.”

The members of Leadership Team agree that the visit went well.

“It was really fun with all the booths that they were able to see and the tours they got to experience,” senior Tommy Brooks said. “We had enough time that we were able to take them around the school twice.”

Brooks also think the pre-enrollment session was extremely beneficial.

“I think they will get comfortable with the atmosphere and where they are so they get involved in a lot of things,” Brooks said. “It just will make them feel a lot more comfortable coming here on the first day of school next year.”

Other members on the team believe the team itself worked hard on this visit.

“It was definitely very organized, and I think all the leaders did a fantastic job keeping up on the schedule,” junior Sophia Garrison said. “At the very least, this [visit] establishes relationships around the school, especially with teachers, that will benefit them in the future.”