Leadership Team meets for first time with new freshmen


Michaela Austin

Senior Megan Flavin works with Mr. Balman's Academy class to teach them the importance of grades, credits for graduating, and attendance.

The Leadership Team met with the freshmen for the first activity of the school year during PRIDE Time on Sept. 5 to discuss grades, GPA, credits for graduating, and attendance. The freshmen were required to go to the activity, which was located in Gym A.  

The Leadership Team was split into groups of five to eight leaders, with each group being assigned to a specific academy. The groups are assigned to the same academy for the whole year.  

Once all the freshmen met with their leaders, the group split into two, to make it easier to talk to all the freshmen.  

Members of the Leadership Team explained how their grades and GPA from this year can affect them throughout high school and the importance of good attendance.  

 “I thought it was helpful and it went really well,” freshman Amelia Jaeger said. 

 The activity was a great learning experience for both the freshmen and the Leadership Team members. It showed the members that there are still a few areas to improve on in the future. 

“I felt like the team meeting went well today,” senior Megan Flavin said. Although, I wish that the freshmen were more willing to open up to us leaders.