Journalism staff competes at state competition, takes second in sweepstakes


Allison Hillebrand

Thirteen journalism students attended the state journalism contest on May 4. Three of the students attending did not compete.

Sixteen students qualified for the state journalism competition held at Kansas University campus on May 4.

Five students competed with online entries, juniors Emma Pfannenstiel and Paige Polifka-Denson and seniors Brittani Park, Brooke Pflaum and Kaitlyn Brown.

Those who participated in on-site contests include seniors Isabelle Braun, Scout Perryman, Alyssa Underwood, Jacob Maska and Emily George; junior Allison Hillebrand; sophomores Caitlin Leiker, Allison Brooks, Anna Brull and Alicia Feyerherm.

Polifka-Denson, Pfannenstiel and junior Madison Weber attended the contest, but did not compete.

After receiving 23 points from the entries that placed, the journalism staff took second in the 5A sweepstakes. This was the first 5A state competition in four years.

“I’m super excited that we were able to tie with Salina in the 5A division,” Braun said. “I think we did really well as a group, and I’m glad we could do this one last thing for Gasper.”

While at the competition, the Guidon staff accepted the All-Kansas award for the newspaper.

“I did not really know what to expect, because the competition is tougher, since we were competing against very large schools,” instructor Bill Gasper said. “For us to be able to come out and score 22 points in the competition, it was very outstanding for our students. I am so very proud of them.”


Digital Entries:


Multimedia Storytelling:


Second – sophomores Alicia Feyerherm and Allison Brooks


Online Photo Gallery:


Honorable Mention – senior Brooke Pflaum

Honorable Mention – senior Alyssa Underwood


Headline Writing & Design:


Honorable Mention – senior Isabelle Braun


Yearbook Layout:


First – senior Alyssa Underwood




Honorable Mention – senior Brittani Park


On-Site Entries:


Yearbook Sports Writing:


Third – senior Jacob Maska


Honorable Mention – sophomore Anna Brull

Feature Writing:


Third – junior Allison Hillebrand


Yearbook Copy Writing:


Third – sophomore Caitlin Leiker