Regional Solo, Small Ensemble Festival results released, students discuss experience


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Ensemble 11 performs "From The Sixth Hour" from The Little Match Girl Passion at Barton Community College on April 6. The ensemble received a I rating and will be advancing to State.

Band, Orchestra and Vocal students traveled to Great Bend on April 6 to participate in the annual KSHSAA Regional Solo and Small Ensemble Festival at Barton Community College.

Sophomore Tom Drabkin took a variety of events to contest, including a violin solo, a vocal solo, an oboe solo, a vocal ensemble, and a string quartet.

He said that the most difficult part of contest was having to run back and forth across campus to be on time for all of his performances.

Although the stress level was slightly overwhelming, Drabkin said he absolutely encourages students to take an event to Regionals.

“I think it’s a good experience,” Drabkin said. “Even if you don’t do that well, I think it’s good for you to get up in front of someone and do something, even if it’s a little bit frightening.”

The students all agree that contest is a great way to push yourself towards improvement and gauge your musical abilities.

“It’s a nerve-wracking experience, but when you’re actually up there and you get into it, it’s exciting,” sophomore Alexis White said. “It’s also great to get a score and get notes on what a judge thought of your performance. All of those critiques help you realize what you need to fix and what you’re doing well on.”

Freshman Sydney Wittkorn said that she really loved performing her events, but she also enjoyed getting to see the competition that other schools had brought to the table.

“I had lot of time in between my performances,” Wittkorn said. “Watching other people to see how they prepared was really fun.”

Sophomore Ashely Vilaysing typically opts for a challenging clarinet solo, but this was her first year that she also took a vocal solo to contest. One of her favorite parts about contest this year was the positive vibes coming from all of the performers.

“It was an interesting experience,” Vilaysing said. “I was quite nervous because I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but I’m definitely glad I tried it. Everyone was so supportive, and I just wanted to dish out support, too.”

Freshman Jocelyn Rigler said that she was also fond of the encouraging atmosphere.

“I definitely got to meet and hang out with more people that I wouldn’t hang out with on a normal school day,” Rigler said. “It was also great to become closer through music and get to hear everyone’s individuality.”

The following students received a I rating at Regionals and will advance to the State competition in Emporia on April 27.



Solos – freshmen Rachel Windholz, Tyler Solida, Tayden Shuck, Abigail Thornton, and Michaela Medina; sophomores Alisara Arial, Ashley Vilaysing, and Alexis White; junior Paige Beamer; and senior Cameron Karlin

Clarinet Quartet: sophomore Alexis White, freshman Abigail Thornton, junior Michaela Austin, and freshman Morgan Shorb

Saxophone Trio: freshman Tayden Shuck, sophomore Alisara Arial, and freshman Carson Brooksher

Woodwind Quintet: freshman Anneliese Marecic, sophomore Cami Moore, senior Cameron Karlin, sophomore Ashley Vilaysing, and freshman Rachel Windholz



Solos – freshman Sydney Wittkorn; sophomores Tom Drabkin, Alisara Arial, and Cami Moore; and seniors Alexandria Hagerman and Carl Rorstrom

Cello Trio: senior Carl Rorstrom, freshman Sydney Wittkorn, and freshman Kristen Kuhl

Boccherini Quartet: senior Alexandria Hagerman, sophomore Tom Drabkin, sophomore Alisara Aril, and senior Carl Rorstrom

Vivaldi Quartet: sophomore Ashley Vilaysing, junior Cely Hutchinson, junior Michaela Austin, and freshman Sydney Wittkorn



Solos – freshmen Samantha Vesper and Ashton Koerner; sophomores Gabe McGuire, Caitlin Leiker, Sam Rider, Daylen Vaughn, Ashley Vilaysing, Alisara Arial, Alexis White, and Tom Drabkin; juniors Sierra Adkins, Nathan Leiker, and Katelyn Engel; and seniors Garrett Cole, Cade Swayne, Brett Bowles, Rebecca Anderson

Ensemble 11: sophomore Alisara Arial, senior Hannah McGuire, sophomore Caitlin Leiker, sophomore Alexis White, senior Carl Rorstrom, and senior Cade Swayne

Ensemble 13: senior Rebecca Anderson, junior Sierra Adkins, sophomore Caitlin Leiker, senior Brett Bowles, sophomore Tom Drabkin, senior Calvin Duden, and junior Nathan Leiker