Students submit projects to Kansas Association of Broadcasters Student Broadcast Awards


Junior Derrick Aragon works on a project for Video Production class. This was Aragon's first year submitting anything to the Kansas Association of Broadcasters Student Broadcast Awards competition. "Last year, I didn't do anything KAB worthy, in my opinion," Aragon said.

Since 2006, Hays High students have been submitting entries to the Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) Student Broadcast Awards competition.

“It’s a competition between students and schools that have video production programs that is sponsored by the Kansas Association of Broadcasters,” Instructor Dan Balman said.

There are many different categories that students can submit project into such as a Public Affairs Program, Station Promotion Announcement, Sports Play-By-Play or a Documentary.

College students and interns can also submit projects to judged, but are in their own division.

“High schoolers only compete against high schoolers, colleges only compete against colleges and interns only compete against interns,” Balman said.

This year, Hays High students submitted 14 video projects and 10 radio projects.

For junior Derrick Aragon, this was his first year submitting anything to the competition.

“I did a Station Promotion Announcement for both radio and TV and Carson Ackerman and I did a DJ Personality Air Check,” Aragon said.

Awards will be presented during the Awards Luncheon at the Student Seminar on April 2. The seminar will be held in Lawrence, Kansas.

Participants will know a couple weeks prior to the seminar whether or not they received an award.

“A lot of schools, if they don’t get students to place, they won’t go, so by releasing the results a couple weeks ahead of time it gives schools time to prepare travel arrangements,” Balman said.