YAC helps Jana’s Campaign reach students


Junior Kenna Pfannenstiel and junior Kari Satomi help out with Bystander Intervention

Jana’s Campaign has been visiting schools around the country since 2013, but many students do not know about the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) in Hays.

“YAC was created because my fellow classmates and I were very interested in Jana’s story and the impact they are trying to make not only around our community but a few other states as well,” junior Kenna Pfannenstiel said. “Mrs. Tebo helped us contact Christie and Katie from Jana’s Campaign. Eythun Wyatt talked to Christie and they started the group.”

YAC meets once or twice a month to discuss their plans and share their ideas and opinions to keep their operation running smoothly.

“The YAC group and I were able to part of my Bystander Intervention Training for all freshman that I have done since my freshman year,” Pfannenstiel said. “The YAC group and the Jana’s Campaign staff work together to inform others about dating violence, safety and even leadership.”

Pfannenstiel said YAC not only effects high school students, but also the Hays community.

“We have many ideas lined up to work with the community and we are excited to get our ideas out there,” Pfannenstiel said.

“Students can join YAC by being involved with Jana’s Campaign and talking to Sue Tebo, any of the YAC members, or even Christie and Katie at Jana’s Campaign.”