Junior sets sights out of this world


Sierra Eichman

Junior Sara Rohleder and senior Madison Crees work together on Science Olympiad.

Growing up, it is common for students to have big, seemingly unattainable dreams for their lives. Junior Sara Rohleder is making her seemingly impossible dream a reality.

Rohleder has always had an interest with space and stars, and her interest kept growing into the dream she has today.

“My career does have to do with space,” Rohleder said “It can either be me attending a military academy or me going through an ROTC program at a good engineering college. Either way, I will be getting a degree in engineering, I just have yet to figure out what suits me best.”

Rohleder has been preparing for her future by attending space camps and researching space when she can.

“I have been to the Cosmosphere Space Camp,” Rohleder said. “I made a few friends there and that’s where I met my boyfriend. I also gravitate towards any media about space.”

Rohleder started an astronomy club this year, which was recommended by her dad, who has taught her almost everything she knows about space.

“I really like Astronomy Club,” Rohleder said. “I’m glad I had the turn out that I got this year. It shows that other people are interested in space.”

Rohleder enjoys the endless learning possibilities space has.

“There are little limits to the great unknown,” Rohleder said.

Rohleder enjoys all that space has to offer, but her favorite planet is Gliese 581 D.

“The reason I like Gliese 581 D is the fact that it is one of the most Earth-like exoplanets we have found yet,” Rohleder said.

Rohleder has learned many interesting facts about space, including the fact that our moon is around 4.5 billion years old.

“Right now the goal is for me to go to space someday,” Rohleder said. “I plan to kick butt, go to space, and represent the human race.”