StuCo answers questions concerning ‘Duo Day’


Teachers and students have brought up questions concerning ‘Duo Day’ next week on Wednesday, Oct. 1. These questions prompted StuCo to offer further explanation.

What counts:

Any student who puts effort in dressing up as a duo of things (or even a group of things) should be counted.  Examples:  Bacon and eggs, mac and cheese, Batman and Robin, etc.

The student does not need a partner to match their duo.  If a student dresses up as a strip of bacon, he or she does not need another person dressed up as eggs to be relevant.  Teachers can just count the student dressed up as bacon.

Some students have asked their teachers if they would get counted if they dress up as the Ninja Turtles.  Although the Ninja Turtles are more than a duo, the students should be counted. They made an effort to participate as a group of friends.

Another group of students will be dressing as a bunch of different crayons.  Again, that is more than a duo, but they should be counted because they put effort into their costume.

What does not count: 

Students who are just dressed with the same shirt should not be counted.  For example, if Johnny and Billy are wearing the same outfit, they are not some sort of duo. Being dressed alike does not fit the theme of the spirit day.  Students should be dressed as a famous duo:  Batman and Robin, salt and pepper, etc.

Teachers should use their best judgement on Wednesday and determine if students put effort into the spirit day.