Spirit T-shirts for sale


StuCo is selling spirit t-shirts and hoodies as a way to promote school spirit.

Students who are wearing the t-shirt on a specific day will be eligible to enter their name for drawing to win a burger, fries and a drink from the Golden Q.

“We would like to have the order forms and money turned in by August 29,” StuCo adviser Melinda Cross said. “But if anyone still wants to order one after that date, they still can.”

The Golden Q and Phaze 2 are working together with the school to make this possible.

“They contacted Mr. Michaelis about the idea and he asked StuCo to see if we can do it,” Cross said. “We talked to the StuCo officers and we agreed that it was a great idea.”

The first day of drawing will be Sept. 10.

“We will inform students in advance when the next drawing day is,” Cross said. “That way students will know when to wear their spirit t-shirts.”

One student from each class and one staff member will be chosen for the prize.

“We will be having these spirit t-shirt days more than once a month,” Cross said. “It’s something to look forward to for both the students and the staff.”

Cross said the contest will definitely get people motivated.

“I think it’s really a great way to unify everyone as a school,” StuCo President Senior Amber Klaus said.


T-shirt and hoodie prices are as follows.


YS-XL: $ 7

2XL: $ 9

3XL: $ 10


YS-XL: $ 20

2XL: $ 22

3XL: $ 23