Type A and B personalities

A student is bent over the given assignment, working away furiously as the seconds tick by, while a classmate next to him stares out the window at the pretty clouds floating by. This is classic example of a Type A and Type B personality.

“A Type A personality is constantly trying to meet a deadline,” Psychology teacher Matt Brooks said. “They are chronically on edge and are preoccupied with responsibilities.”

People with Type A personality tend to be more competitive and have a more cynical view on life and situations.

“They don’t deal with stress very well,” Brooks said. “Type A personalities are sometimes seen to be linked with stress-related health issues later in life.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Type B personalities are laid back, calm and have a relaxed attitude towards life.

“Procrastination is a prominent sign of a Type B personality,” Brooks said. “They don’t feel the rush to get things done as soon as possible.”

Many students admit to feeling time urgency that pertains to a Type A personality.

“If I start something, I like to get it finished a couple days before it is due,” sophomore Raeleann Weigel said. “I have a lot of stress because I worry about every little detail on every little thing.”

Students who lean more towards the characteristics of Type A are usually more competitive.

“I am a Type A person because I am very competitive and I get stressed very easily,” freshman Dylan Scheibler said.

Stress is a common feeling among students with the need to oversee problems before they happen.

“I feel so stressed-out learning something new in a subject such as chemistry that I write notes down even when the teacher says no notes are required,” junior Alexander Crowley said.

While characteristics of this personality can be found commonly among high school students, traits of Type B personality show up just as frequently.

“I am definitely Type B because I never rush to get anything done like cleaning my room or doing my homework,” sophomore Rachel Nansel said. “I procrastinate a lot and I try to look on the bright side of things as much as possible.”

Students with Type B personality characteristics feel that time urgencies and deadlines don’t help them get things done.

“Positivity and low stress is how I get things done the most effectively,” senior Kaden Beilman said. “The times when I have a sense of urgency are when I tend to mess up the most.”

Most of the time, people are a combination of both Type A and B characteristics instead of leaning just one way or the other.

“I’m a Type B personality most of the time because I always procrastinate,” senior Nick Overby said. “I’m Type A during Chamber Singers though because not a lot of people actually focus.”

Although Type B and Type A are said to be direct opposites, they do not disrupt one another.

“I continually procrastinate and feel little pressure when faced with deadline,” sophomore Trenton Potter said. “The only Type A characteristic that I have is probably a competitive nature, especially in academics.”

Teachers can also fit into one of the two personality Types.

“I am more of a Type B personality than Type A,” Brooks said. “I wouldn’t pull an all-nighter to get things done.”