Musician makes own tracks

Balzer's current logo.

Balzer's current logo.

While some students create music using pianos or violins, junior Jacob Balzer creates music using a computer program.

“I create electronic music which is usually a more melodic version of dubstep without all the wubbs,” Balzer said.  “It emphasizes a chill and relaxing aspect of music.”

Balzer began creating electronic music about a year ago and taught himself everything he knows now.

“I found a very basic, free studio and started to teach myself the ins and outs of electronic music,” Balzer said. “Learning everything there is to learn has certainly been a journey.”

Jacob Balzer1Making electronic music is a long and detailed process. Balzer generally spends about two to four weeks of dedicated work on one five-minute long track, or roughly fourteen hours per song.

“I would plot out the major melody of a song, then build synthesizers and drum patterns around that melody,” Balzer said.

There is a complicated process to being able to sell music and Balzer does not want to go through it currently.

“Considering that I use free software others made and gave away and I’m only making music as a hobby. I plan to release all of my tracks at no cost for now,” Balzer said.

Balzer’s very first track is titled Origins, and he has completed a total of four tracks. He just released his first E.P. album titled Origins.

“I have a public Soundcloud under my DJ name FiNight and I will be making a Facebook page pretty soon,” Balzer said.

The music Balzer creates is a combination of his talent, his love for music and inspiration from others.

“I am inspired so much by the classical music I hear in choir, other great composers and also my interactions with people,” Balzer said. “There are few things in this world that have the power to move someone like music does and that’s why it is one of the things in this world that I truly love.”

If students are interested in listening to Balzer’s music, it can be found on his Soundcloud profile at