Indian football pulls off first season win under coach Tony Crough


Lindsey Pfannenstiel

Senior Palmer Hutchison runs the ball on Friday Sept 14 against the Liberal Redskins. The Indians won 21-20.

The neon night theme came in handy when the Indians would shine out the Liberal Redskins 20-21 on Sept 14. The Redskins were neck and neck with the Indians throughout the game, but it just wouldn’t be enough leading to the Indians first win of the season, but especially coach Tony Crough’s first win with the Indians.

The Indians were steady with the Redskins turning over the ball on three of their first five possessions while the Redskins would punt on three of their six and losing the ball on downs once. After this, the Indians and Redskins were tied 7-7 at the end of the first quarter.

Starting the second half off with a touchdown would be the Redskins. It wouldn’t take long for the Indians to reply back with a touchdown of their own.

The Indians would win the game 21-20 thanks to senior Keaton Markley for blocking the extra point that would give the Indians a victory at their first home game of the season.

“Trust, believing your coaches and believing your teammates,” Coach Tony Crough said in a post game interview. “Go play with that the team has given you.”