Indian track claims first place victory at Larned High School Varsity Invitation on April 12


Jacob Maska

Junior Tasiah Nunnery prepares to jump at the track meet in Larned. Both the boys and girls took first.

Both the Indian and Lady Indian track teams took first at the 2019 Larned High School Varsity Invitational Track Meet on April 12.

Boys ended with 221 points, 85 more than the second place team. Girls ended with 204, 15 more than TMP in second.


100 Meters-Casey Lang (first), Gaven Haselhorst (third), Brain Escobedo (fifth)

200 Meters-Casey Lang (second), Hunter Harris (sixth), Brain Escobedo (eighth)

400 Meters-Tavian Creamer (second), Kyler Beckman (fourth)

800 Meters-Lewis Tramel (sixth), Conner Cunningham (seventh), Brayden Hines (eighth)

1600 Meters-Johnny Fuller (fourth), Brayden Hines (fifth), Conner Cunningham (sixth)

3200 Meters-Johnny Fuller (third)

110 Meter Hurdles-Ty Adams (first), Da’Vontai Robinson (second)

300 Meter Hurdles-Da’Vontai Robinson (first), Gavin Meyers (second), Fernando Zarate (sixth)

4×100 Relay-Casey Lang, Taivian Creamer, Drake Summers, Gaven Haselhorst (first)

4×400 Relay-Brett Orth, Drake Summers, Da’Vontai Robinson, Taivian Creamer (second)

4×800 Relay-Brett Orth, Lewis Tramel, Hunter Wellbrock, Ashton Thomas (fourth)

Shot Put-Trey Adams (second), Logan Schulte (third), Chase Brous (fourth), Luke Fletcher (eighth), Kaden Herreman (ninth), Tyler Solida (11th)

Discus-Trey Adams (first), Logan Schulte (fourth), Kaden Herreman (fifth), Carson Russell (seventh), Luke Fletcher (eighth), Jamie Curlo (18th)

Javelin-Gavin Meyers (second), Gaven Haselhorst (third), Drake Summers (sixth), Chase Brous (eighth), Hunter Harris (ninth), Tyler Solida (12th)

High Jump-Roy Moroni (first), Dylan Ruder (fourth), Spencer Marshall (sixth), Jordan Dale (seventh), TJ Nunnery (eighth)

Pole Vault-Peyton Thorell (first), Tucker Veach (third), Nic Park (fifth), Creighton Newell (sixth)

Long Jump-Taivian Creamer (third), Roy Moroni (fourth), Cooper Shubert (fifth), Joey Wei (seventh), Spencer Marshall (eighth), Cole Schroeder (11th), Ryan Schuckman (15th)

Triple Jump-Kyler Beckman (second), TJ Nunnery (fourth), Dylan Ruder (eighth)



100 Meters-Abigail Dickinson (second), Kacy Dinkel (FS), Emily Goetz (DNS)

200 Meters-Reanna Green (first), Abigail Dickinson (second), Morgan Shorb (fourth),

400 Meters-Ashlynn Flax (fourth)

800 Meters-Claire Shippy (fifth), Kassie Zimmer (sixth), Aaliyah Neuburger (DNS)

1600 Meters-Landri Dotts (first), Claire Shippy (third), Yesenia Maldonado (fourth)

3200 Meters-Landri Dotts (first), Yesenia Maldonado (fourth), Cristina Leos (fifth)

100 Meter Hurdles-Tasiah Nunnery (first), Brooklyn Schaffer (second), Brooklyn Lewallen (third)

300 Meter Hurdles- Brooklyn Schaffer (first), Brooklyn Lewallen (second), Aleyia Ruder (fifth)

4×100 Relay-Abigail Dickinson, Reanna Green, Brooklyn Schaffer, Tasiah Nunnery (first)

4×400 Relay-Abigail Dickinson, Brooklyn Lewallen, Ashlynn Flax, Brooklyn Schaffer (second)

4×800 Relay-Mallory Henderson, Aaliyah Neuburger, Kassie Zimmer, Cristina Leos (third)

Shot Put-Logan Harris (fourth)

Discus-Logan Harris (first)

High Jump-Jaycee Dale (fifth), Aleyia Ruder (sixth), Tasiah Nunnery (ninth), Stanna Summers (DNS)

Pole Vault-Brooke Pflaum (second), Audrey Irvin (fourth), Ashlynn Flax (fifth), Hannah Giess (sixth), Samantha Phillip (seventh)

Long Jump-Tasiah Nunnery (first), Reanna Green (second), Kacy Dinkel (sixth), Morgan Shorb (seventh), Ella Voth (eighth), Samantha Vesper (ninth)

Triple Jump-Reanna Green (second), Landri Dotts (fourth), Audrey Irvin (eighth), Jaycee Dale (ninth), Aleyia Ruder (10th), Emily Goetz (13th)