Junior Hayden Brown leads Indians to victory following six touchdowns


Jacob Maska

The Indians tackle the Titans in a recent game resulting in a victory.


Junior Hayden Brown’s six touchdowns followed by freshman Roy Moroni’s two touchdowns in the Indian football game on Sept 28 against the Wichita South Titans, 53-20.

The game was the first of the three back to back home games.

Coming into the game, the Titans had the most successful record being 3-1.

During the game, Brown scored on four back to back touches of the football. Brown would give the Indians a 27-6 lead in the first couple minutes of the second quarter. The Titans then came back to close the score 27-12 followed by Brown’s fifth touchdown, followed by an interception senior Will Sennett, followed by Moroni’s first career touchdown.

The Titans would never come back in the second half, giving the Indians their second win of the season, improving 2-3 on the season.

The Indians will play the Dodge City Red Demons on Friday for the Indian homecoming game.

“Definitely was a game I will never forget,” Brown said.