Clark and Brown lead Indian football to a 1-1 record


Hannah Harman

Sophomore Elliot Hoar cheers on the Indians at the game Sept. 8 that ended in an Indian victory, 21-20.

On Sept. 8, seniors Logan Clark and Hunter Brown each became big stars on the football field. After being tied with the Great Bend Panthers to force overtime, Brown scored a touchdown followed by Clark’s extra point for the win 21-20.

The Indians and Panthers were each scoreless thorough-out the first half, leaving the teams both with an even chance coming out in the second half. Brown hit junior Keaton Markley for a 28 yard touchdown early in the first quarter to take the 7-0 lead.

Losing 7-0, the Panthers were ready to fight back, and answered the Indian touchdown with a touchdown of their own, tying the game up at 7-7. The Indians then scored their second touchdown of the game to put them up 14-7 in the fourth.

With 1:55 remaining in the game, the Panthers ran the field to tie the game up 14-14.

In overtime, the Panthers scored the first touchdown, missing the extra point. When the Panthers missed the extra point, it opened up an opportunity for Clark to win the game for the Indians, which he did 21-20.

The Indians are now 1-1 and 1-0 in WAC and will play the Liberal Redskins Sept. 15 at Liberal.