Daylight Savings Time change takes place March 14


Corey Musil

clock to represent daylight savings.

With warm spring days ahead of us, Daylight Saving Time is almost upon us.

Daylight Savings Time, which begins on Sunday, March 14, is when people set their clocks ahead one hour so that it gets dark at a later time during the spring and the summer months.

Even though on Sunday, we will be lose an hour of sleep, there are multiple benefits to setting our clocks ahead, in my opinion.

First, one of the positive aspects of setting the clocks forward is getting more sun in the later hours of the day. For example, if the boys soccer team members, who are in the off-season, wanted to go play at 5 p.m., which is when the girls soccer team would be close to ending their practices, the boys would still be able to have about two hours of light so they could play.

Second, it will most definitely be worth being able to hang out outside with your friends and family.

Finally, the sun shining longer may give you extra motivation to do what you want or need to do, plus may improve your overall mood if you like the sunshine.

In conclusion, Daylight Savings Time allows us to look forward to the upcoming summer months. There is hope that we can have a more open summer this year compared to last year because last summer was right at the start of the pandemic. So, be prepared to enjoy more sunlight to give you more energy and more time in the evenings.