Students should not feel pressured to attend prom


Courtesy Photo

At the 2018 prom, three junior girls invited three freshman boys to attend with them. The 2019 prom will be held in the Ballroom in the Student Union at Fort Hays State University on April 13.

Prom is commonly considered a necessity for high school students to attend and has become increasingly more elaborate as teenagers expect the night to be perfect.

Although many believe it to be an American rite of passage, those who do not attend will manage to survive.

At our school, prom is often difficult to attend because it is only available for juniors and seniors and for those the upperclassmen choose to sign up as dates.

For the two opportunities to go to the dance, many things may cause conflict for those considering going.

Often, students will decide not to experience prom, simply because one thing gets in the way. Some may not have a date or find the perfect dress and decide the event is not worth it.

We should know by now we do not have to have a date or an outfit that makes every person turn their head. Those should not be the issues influencing the student not to go.

However, the student should not feel ashamed of not attending.

Those in this scenario should instead be glad that they are not spending the money many spend on prom.

According to the credit card company, Visa, in 2015 the average spending cost for prom was $919, although it peaked in 2013 at $1,139.

Not only is it extremely overpriced, the creativity involved in planning to attend is incredibly stressful.

Prom “asks” have changed, since teenagers have begun expecting elaborate, creative, new ideas for each person getting asked.

Many people believe that all teenagers should experience prom. However, the occasion should be taken with a grain of salt.

It should not be deemed necessary for those not interested to force themselves into a situation they are not truly comfortable with.