Student Council hosts blood drive in Gym B


On Tuesday, Nov. 9, Hays High Student Council held a blood drive in Gym B.

The blood drive collected 50 units of blood to donate to those in need. Since one donation saves three lives, 150 people may be affected by the blood collected.

“I love donating blood because it helps a lot of people out there even if you don’t really see it,” senior Tyler Solida said. “I have the app, so it tracks how much blood I donate. It tells you when you hit a gallon of blood, and you know I’m going to hit that gallon.”

Along with students, many staff also donate blood.

“Blood is something your body can replenish, and by donating, you help people that really need it,” StuCo sponsor Jayme Goetz said.

Blood drives are in high demand. According to the American Red Cross, about 2,700 blood drives had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. This has decreased the amount of donations, causing shortages nationwide.

“Donating blood is important because of the current blood shortage,” senior Jersey Johnson said. “Without blood, people literally can’t live. It’s kind of crazy to think about but one donation of blood saves three lives.”