Homecoming spirit days promote student participation


The Hays High School Student Council announced this year’s Homecoming spirit days that relate to the theme of “Wizard of Oz.” These spirit days will be held from Monday, Oct. 11 to Friday, Oct. 15. Each grade level will be ranked based on the percentage of participation.

Monday, Oct. 11 is Wear Your Ruby Red Slippers Day, in which students get to wear their pajamas to school. This is a very traditional spirit day at Hays High School, and a lot of students are very excited for this spirit day.

“Pajama Day is my favorite spirit day because I don’t have to put a lot of effort into my appearance,” freshman Jaynie Brooks said. “Also, it tends to be the most comfortable spirit day.”

Sophomore Mahala Gregg agreed with Brooks about the comfortable aspect of Pajama Day.

Tuesday, Oct. 12 is Tourist Day because of the movie quote, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” Students can dress as stereotypical tourists.

“I am looking forward to Tourist Day the most because I was born to look like a middle-aged Hawaiian tourist,” freshman Caleb King said. “I am really excited to show of my hula dancer polo shirt and my binoculars.”

Wednesday, Oct. 13 is Country or Country Club Day. People get to choose which outfit, country or preppy, that they would like to wear to school. This fits the Homecoming theme because of the quote, “There’s no place like home.”

Thursday, Oct. 14 is Class Color Day, in which students dress in their class color. The freshman class color is gray, the sophomore class color is maroon, the junior class color is white and the seniors class color is black.

Friday, Oct. 15 is Dress-Up Day, in which students should wear their best dress clothes.

“I like Hays High spirit days because I get to be creative with my outfits,” freshman Emmaline Leuschner said.