Students pre-enroll at Driver’s Education meeting


Cade Austin Becker

Graphic for the Drivers Ed meeting

On Thursday February, 25 Drivers Education held a meeting in the Lecture Hall. The meeting was an enrollment for students who are planning to take Driver’s Ed during the summer.

Drivers Ed is intended for students who are more than 14 years old and have not passed or taken the course before.

The meeting took place during Pride Time on Thursday and was held for around 40 minutes. They talked about the basics of Drivers Ed and handed out forms that allowed students to enroll in the program.

The program is ran by Bruce Rupp, but is over seen by many others including Cade Scott, Justin Hejny, Jessica Dale, Ryan Quimby, and Scott Lindenmeyer.

During the meeting they handed out enrollment forms and DE 99 forms. These handouts are due back as soon as possible. They are supposed to be turned into the HHS office or HMS office.

COVID put a small staple in the program. Drivers Ed now has to take extra steps in order for the instructors and students to stay healthy during the pandemic.

All the students and instructors must wear masks, use hand sanitizer frequently, and continuously sanitize vehicle equipment. These new protocols are put in place to help diminish the possibility of someone get Covid-19.

“Meeting is always too rushed,” Bruce Rupp said. “Because always kids want to get to teachers for passing period.”