Library offers convenient study space for English classes


Alicia Feyerherm

Instructor Lisa Renz helps sophomore Hector Amaya with his class work. This is one of many class periods her English class has spent in the library.

Alicia Feyerherm

Pencils are thrown into bookbags, chairs are pushed in and books are grabbed as instructor Lisa Renz’s freshman English class prepares to exit the classroom and head to the library.
The freshmen are in the middle of their “Romeo and Juliet” unit, and they spend as many class periods as possible in the library to work on group work and book discussions.
The utilization of this space by English classes has increased a large amount this year due to classes being able to spread out and allow small group work. Group work is a complicated endeavor in a normal-sized classroom this year due to COVID-19 procedures.
“Since COVID hit, all seats must face in the same direction in our classrooms,” Renz said. “When we go to the library, students are able to work together with better distancing between them. I wish were able to use it more often.”
Since returning to school in August, the library has undergone some minor changes to ensure student’s safety. Tables have been shifted around and less seating options are available so that they can be properly spread out.
“Since we got this new carpet in here, we were able to space everything out,” librarian Erin Holder said. “I used the two-foot carpet squares to measure and make sure everything is six feet apart from each other.”
Holder is glad that the library is providing such a helpful place for classes during this unusual school year.

Allison Brooks

“I think people are sick of sitting on top each other with masks on,” Holder said. “It’s just nice to be able to come in here, spread out, and have group discussions where you can be a little bit louder. You can have conversations without everybody overhearing everybody in here.”
In addition to providing a large workspace the library has the unique feature of the outdoor patio, which has proved useful during warmer times.
“If students need to take a mask break, they can step out on the patio and take their mask off and have a couple minutes before coming back inside,” Holder said. “That’s why we are really lucky to have this outdoor space, especially during these times.”
Not only are teachers enjoying the library, but according to Renz, she has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction to class periods being held there by her students.
“I like having class in the library because it is a nice quiet place to get work done,” sophomore Hector Amaya.