Halloween door decorating competitions commence


There are many occurrences that remind people of autumn. Pumpkin-flavored everything, red, yellow and orange leaves, Jack-o-Lanterns, corn mazes, candy corn and Halloween are among a few. Doors across Hays High will begin to embody those same images as the Halloween-centered door decorating competition commences the week of Oct. 12 to Oct. 16.

The competition was organized by the ACHIEVE Team, which helps to “foster positive relationships between staff, students, and parents, as well as support our school in the accreditation process,” ACHIEVE Team member Luke Lundmark said.

“[The door decorating competitions] were created as a way to build positive relationships with the students in their PRIDE Times and also celebrate the upcoming holiday,” Lundmark said.

Each PRIDE Time received either leaves or pumpkins to cut out and use for the doors. While the cutouts were mandatory to use, the rest of the decorations were more lenient. Paper from the library was suggested, and students were encouraged to create their own decorations, limiting the amount of purchased items.

The doors will be judged on Monday, Oct. 19 through a survey available for students and staff to vote. They will be judged on creativity, holiday spirit and theme. The top five doors will receive prizes, such as “donuts, CERV’s coupons, individual bags of chips or McDonald’s coupons,” ACHIEVE Team member Beth Schiel said.

“I think [students] like [the door decorating competitions], especially if they win,” Lundmark said. “There are great prizes that were donated!”