Juniors take ACT and ACT Work Keys

The Hays High junior class recently completed the ACT and ACT Work Keys on Tuesday, Feb. 25 and Wednesday, Feb. 26.

The ACT, or formally known as American College Testing, is a test that normally juniors and seniors take to earn acceptance or scholarships to colleges. Students can prepare for the test by studying in many ways.

“I prepared for the ACT by looking and comparing my answers from the PSAT and then constantly retaking parts,” junior Ryan Deitering said. “The struggles I had with preparing was me trying to balance the fact of working till 11 p.m. and then making time to prepare. The second hardest part was actually paying attention to the time while I was preparing myself to make sure I wasn’t staying up too late so I could still be prepared for school.

“I felt, overall, it was super overwhelming, but I felt all right,” junior Zach Chance said. “I feel like I had an all right score already, but I was going in just trying to improve from last time.”

Counselor Suellyn Stenger oversaw this whole arrangement.

While students can prepare for the ACT, overall, the test itself is full of challenges, but preparing and studying can help.