Scholar’s Bowl competes at regional competition

Scholar’s Bowl took a varsity team of six students to compete at the regional competition at Andover High School on Feb. 6.

The team consisted of freshman Evan Dealy, sophomores Colton Dodd-Spencer and Liahna Hyatt, juniors Alicia Feyerherm and Andrew Duke, and senior Levi Hickert. Hickert served as the team captain.

The tournament started off with pool play and then the five teams with the best record moved onto the finals. There were two pools that each played nine rounds.

The team won eight out of the nine rounds of pool play, losing 35-90 to Emporia. They then went on to finals where they won two out of the five rounds they played.

The team did not end up placing, so they did not qualify for state competition this year.

“I think the team did well, all things considered,” Duke said. “We didn’t give up and we pushed on through a long drive and a lot of close rounds without losing much energy.”

Duke looks forward to returning next year and hopes to continue to grow with the team.

“I’m definitely looking forward to competing with the team next year, and I hope to make my senior year season my best,” Duke said.