Junior varsity Scholars Bowl team competes in Hutchinson

The junior varsity Scholars Bowl team competed at a meet in Hutchinson on Jan. 14.

The five team members who competed were junior Allison Brooks, sophomore Colton Dodd-Spencer, freshmen Darian Dodd-Spencer, Brayden Dreher and Greg Hughes. Brooks served as the team captain.

The meet had four different pools with six teams each, and the top two teams from each pool moved on to the finals.

They placed first in their pool, winning all of those rounds, and then ended up finishing in third overall after finals.

“I thought we did okay, but I think we should always strive to do better and improve,” Hughes said. “I think we were a better team and had the ability to place higher; we just needed the confidence and mindset to defeat those types of teams.”

Scholars Bowl team was also scheduled to take two teams to the Kapaun Mt. Carmel meet in Wichita on Jan. 16, but did not attend due to winter weather.

“I was really looking forward to going,” junior Alicia Feyerherm said. “It’s always fun to spend time with the team and compete. I’m looking forward to our upcoming meets though, especially state.”