Indian Call candidates


Emma Pfannenstiel

The selected 2020 Indian Call Candidates pose for photos on the bricks Downtown.

Recently, the senior class has voted for and decided upon the candidates for the 2020 Indian Call dance, which will be held on Saturday, Feb. 22.

Candidates include seniors Dawson Armstrong, Taivian Creamer, Tucker Johnson, Lucas Pfannenstiel, Da’Vontai Robinson and Isaac Smith for king and Macee Altman, Moriah DeBey, Lynsie Hansen, Kaylor Meyers, Jenna Miller and Tasiah Nunnery for queen.

The candidates’ names were announced over the loudspeakers on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Creamer is involved in football, basketball, track and Leadership Team.

“When I first found out I was a candidate, I was asleep,” Creamer said. “My name was over the announcements, and everyone started clapping, so I found out I was a candidate. I felt very happy and thankful to be a candidate, and it made it even more special because my mom was an Indian Call candidate here as well.”

Altman is involved in volleyball, softball, Spirit Club, Student Council, Red Cross Club and Leadership Team at HHS. She is looking forward to the dress-up days with her Indian Call partner.

“I am very honored to be an Indian Call candidate, and I feel so lucky to be chosen by my peers,” Altman said.

Unlike the other candidates, Smith could not hear the announcements that he was voted in; instead, he was attending a swim meet at Hays. At HHS, he has been involved in swimming, baseball and Tribe Broadcasting

“I think it’s pretty awesome that I got selected as a candidate,” Smith said. “I’m very grateful that my classmates voted me in.”