Reality U gives students real-world experiences


Cassidy Prough

Sophomores Carver Rajewski and Ella Voth talk about what decisions to make while trying to make sure they have enough money to finish the tasks given.

On Nov. 6, sophomores had the opportunity to go through a simulation of what life is like for adults, called Reality U.  

Several weeks ago, the sophomore class took a survey during Academy, and the answers they chose on the survey correlated to the job and life that the student had during the Reality U simulation. 

For example, the students were given a job based on what they answered on the survey and a spouse if they opted to be married on the survey. They were told how many kids they had as well.  

“When I did the Reality U simulation, I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t realize what it would involve,” sophomore Jordan Lloyd said. 

In Gym A, there were 12 tables set up, and each table had a different task that adults must consider each month, including Transportation, Financial Services, Childcare, Car Insurance, Supermarket, Medical Services, Housing, Phone and Fun, Chance, Utilities, Shopping Center, and a Q and A table. 

“After going through it and experiencing the different things I would have to go through and pay for throughout life, I noticed that there was a lot more that goes into budgeting and just living in general than I thought,” Lloyd said.  

There are some key takeaways that students left with, for Lloyd, she said it influenced the decisions she will make in the future.  

“Although I didn’t get the ideal life that I wanted for Reality U, it put into perspective that in the long run, the choices we make now do influence our futures more than I had thought,” Lloyd said.  

The students were greatly impacted by the lessons they learned at the event and will continue to think about the future because of it.  

“Reality U was one of the greatest things I have experienced, and I feel like it is a valuable thing to have because it’s not the same to be told what the future will be like,” Lloyd said. “But actually, going through it changed everything I thought it would be.”