Thrifting grows in popularity with students


Alicia Feyerherm

Senior Calvin Duden looks at hats at the local thrift store The Arc.

Clothing trends come and go from things like mom jeans to Crocs, but a current trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon is thrifting clothes.

Thrifting has recently risen in popularity with high school students. Junior Lauren Kent thrifts a lot of her clothing.

“I enjoy thrifting because of all the cool vintage pieces you can find that you know no one else will have,” Kent said. “Also, it is inexpensive, which is a great bonus.”

There are many aspects of thrifting that appeal to teenagers, like the low prices you can buy the clothes for.

“I enjoy getting cool pieces for low prices,” sophomore Andrea Lopez said.

Another appealing aspect of thrifting is the uniqueness of the clothes, some people find it cool that the clothing is not new, and it has been owned before.

“Not only is thrifting cheaper, but it’s good to reuse things and help the world out a little,” Lopez said.

Thrifting for clothes can lead to a lot of interesting finds, but occasionally people hit the jackpot and find something that the really wanted.

“The coolest thing I have ever found at a thrift store, I would have to say would be all the really cool mom jeans I found,” Kent said. “Thrifting jeans is my favorite thing ever, there are so many pairs of them and they are such great quality.”

Not only can thrifting lead to unique finds, but it can also lead to finding typically expensive clothes for very cheap.

“One of my favorite pieces that I’ve ever thrifted was a pair of Lululemon athletic shorts,” Lopez said.

Kent believes that it has become more acceptable to wear unique clothing now, because influential people and trend-setters have started thrifting their clothes.

“I think thrifting has become so popular because the ‘vintage’ style you could say is back in trend,” Kent said. “It is more acceptable now because influencers have started doing it more, so that’s a bit of promotion to go to your local thrift store.”


To watch the full thrifting journey, not just the outfits, watch this video.