Jana’s Campaign assembly talks about safe relationships, etc


Alicia Feyerherm

The speakers were Drs. Curt and Christie Brungardt, both are professors at Fort Hays State University in the leadership department.

During seminar on April 15, students had an assembly for Jana’s Campaign. The assembly was divided between boys and girls.

Doctors Curt and Christie Brungardt both are professors at Fort Hays State University in the leadership department, and they both took time out of their days to present to students.

During the girl’s presentation, Christie Brungardt talked briefly about Jana’s story and why they created the campaign. Christie also went into detail about how to be empowering, what a safe and non-safe relationship is like, the different ways violence can occur in a relationship, different statistics, and about sexualizing and pitting women against each other.

Christie mentioned during the assembly that women should speak up when they see certain things and how together they can be the change.

During the boy’s assembly, Curt Brungardt talked about domestic violence, what a safe relationship is like, what causes the violence and why said person was abusive.

“The assembly was helpful,” sophomore Keegan McCoy said. “I learned about many different things.”

The assembly was planned by instructor Sue Tebo and juniors Kenna Pfannenstiel, Jada Kaiser, Kari Satomi, Ainsley Fagan, sophomores Erica Malleck, Audrey Rymer, and Emily Kreutzer.

“It’s nice to bring in others outside of Hays High and have them talk about the topic and their experiences,” Kaiser said.