TMP, Hays High faculty face off in basketball tournament to raise funds for ARC Park


Courtesy Photo

The two basketball teams and StuCo groups stand with the check for the Arc of Central Plains. The two groups were able to present them with a 4000 dollar check to help fund the ARC Park.

On April 6, TMP and Hays High StuCo hosted a staff basketball game to raise money for the ARC Park.

This event was hosted at Hays High, and tickets were sold at the door. The event raised $1,000 at the door from admissions and donations.

“TMP approached us about this because they wanted to raise funds for the ARC Park,” StuCo vice-president Shyann Schumacher said. “We held it at the Hays High gym because it can accommodate more people.”

The ARC Park is being built by the Arc of Central Plains. It is an accessible playground that will feature a ball field, playground and splash pad.

Hays High faculty who participated in the tournament include teachers Haley Wolf, Abby Gillan, Silas Hibbs, Heath Meder, Kayla Brown, Alex Hutchins and Layton Hickel and paras Kyle Wright and Maddie Brungardt. Instructor Rick Keltner coached the team.

Basketball players from each school participated in a dunk contest, and various contests were held in the student sections throughout the tournament.

The Hays Fire Department and Hays Police Department also had a 3-point shootout with the HFD winning 6-4.

With previous fundraising done by TMP, the two StuCo groups were able to present the ARC with a $4,160 check at the end of the night.

“We felt like it was a really good cause and a great way to join the community together in a friendly competition,” Shumacher said.