Hays Art Council hosts career exploration trip for students


Courtesy photo

After the play students had the opportunity to ask any questions they had. Students went to FHSU on March 1.

Fourteen students watched the production “Your Alien” presented by Arts Power Theatre Company out of New York City. Students left school at 12:30 p.m and the production started at 12:45 p.m. Students who went on the trip came back before school ended.

The play was held at Beach Schmidt Performing Arts Center at Fort Hays State University. Students went on the trip on March 1.

Drama club sponsored the trip and promoted it to forensic students and the drama classes. There was poster promoting the trip around the school as well.

After the hour-long production students were able to meet the actors and ask questions. As well as learn the choreography for one of the dances in the production.

“The kids asked great questions,” instructor Codi Fenwick said. “We were probably there over an hour asking questions.”

The actors talked about what their experience was like in high school and college. As well as what they majored in and what their experience is like at auditions.

“The cast was so friendly and provided lots of wisdom on how to start a career in theatre,” Fenwick said.