Board of Education meets Feb. 11 discusses fee reduction for Driver’s Education


Board member Greg Schwartz discusses the possible $25 Driver's Education fee reduction during the Feb. 12 Board of Education meeting. Schwartz was not in favor of the reduction.

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The Board of Education met on Feb. 11 and discussed multiple agenda items.

Among those items was the topic of Driver’s Education enrollment costs and whether they should be lowered this coming year.

The Board proposed cutting the Driver’s Education fee by $25.

Board Member Greg Schwartz was not in support of the idea.

“With shortfalls in the budget, is this the time to be making those reductions?” Schwartz said.

Superintendent John Thissen discussed that with reducing the fee, they would still make enough money to support the program.

“We don’t want this (Driver’s Education) to be money-maker for the school,” Thissen said. “That was never the intention.”

Thissen stated that in the past there has been a surplus in funds after Driver’s Education end each summer. By reducing costs, they can reduce that surplus and also use the money to better the program.

Schwartz pointed out that the Driver’s Education surplus money could be used in other manners.

“We can use that money anywhere,” Schwartz said. “If there is a surplus, I’m not opposed at looking first into Driver’s Ed related things, but if we have a surplus there and shortage in other areas it would be easier to leave the price and adjust later than cut it and then try to figure out where the money for other things is going to come from.”

The motion passed 6-1 with Schwartz being the one member opposed.