Forensics team competes at Model UN


Courtesy Photo

Two forensics groups competed at the Model UN at Wichita State University on Feb. 1. The teams returned with an "Outstanding Proposition Paper."

The Hays High Forensics team won “Outstanding Proposition Paper” at their Model UN at Wichita State University on Feb. 1.

Two of the three forensics teams competed at the event, each team consisting of a group of three students.

The group representing Norway consisted of junior Joanna Carrillo, sophomore Callie Raacke and freshman Grace McCord.

The group representing Austria was juniors Jace Hesford and Elliott Hoar and senior Isaiah Schindler.

The forensics team will be competing at an upcoming tournament on Feb. 8.

“Kids have said that they are really enjoying it,” instructor Codi Fenwick said. “This is kind of a new event, I don’t remember the last time Hays High did it. To come home doing as well as they did was very exciting for them.”