FFA to compete in speech contest

FFA to compete in speech contest

FFA will compete in the speech contest on Feb. 14.

“The speech contest is a chance for kids to develop their oral communication skills,” Agriculture instructor and FFA advisor Curt Vajnar said. “The speeches have to have some kind of Ag flavor because it’s through FFA.”

Vajnar said there will be approximately six to seven students participating in the contest.

“The only class where it’s required is freshmen so they know how to speak, but after they’ve done it, some sophomores, juniors and seniors who have had success, few of them will do it,” Vajnar said. “It’s not a classroom driven thing.”

Vajnar said students will have quite a bit of practice.

“I’ve taught for 30 years and the worst thing you can do is go do something unprepared and get clobbered, or don’t do your best and then your kids say ‘We don’t ever do any good so who cares?’” Vajnar said. “That’s a bad road to go down.”

Vajnar said the students will do their best since he has high expectations for them.

“You aren’t going to have high results if you don’t have high expectations,” Vajnar said.